Tamika Lamb

Tamika Lamb, Savvy Pen Consultants, Owner


Tamika decided to become an educator to fill the void of minority faculty in higher education and be a role model for minority students who rarely see people of color in academia. She is a published writer, actor, poet, and has over 10 years of experience working with schools and businesses in the areas of teaching, training, curriculum design, motivational speaking, personal, and professional development.
Currently she is enrolled in a PhD program for Higher Education and has a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. The focus of her research is based on developing curriculum that incorporates learning styles, diversity, and humanistic principles that will incite a hunger for learning and produce life long learners.
Because she is an advocate of the Arts, Community, and Education, Tamika started her own business called Savvy Pen in 2009. Savvy Pen is a program development company that produces social justice events, curriculum, and education. Through Savvy Pen she has produced events that brought historical figures, like the musical giant Gil Scott Heron to the Madcap Theatre in 2010, and social activists Omar Bin Hassan from the “Last Poets” to the Herberger in 2009. Tamika hopes to continue using the arts to break barriers, unite people, and create social change.

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