What is “Public Practice”?
Definition of Public Practice in the Arts and Design
Public Practiceis an evolving field that uses participation, reciprocal relationships and collaborations in community contexts to promote civic dialogue and investigate pressing issues of our time. This practice is also referred to as participatory art, community-based arts, public art, situational art, social sculpture, relational aesthetics, social art practice and by other terms descriptive of arts engaging communities.

Primary goals:

  1. Demonstrate models of good public practice
  2. Raise the Public Practice profile in Herberger Institute and the University
  3. Bring together new and established community partners

Public Practice presumes that art and design matter for society.

Who We Are:

The Public Practice Research Group @ Arizona State University

This interdisciplinary group bridges public practice across the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and Arizona State University. Representatives from each Unit and guests from related Schools are:


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