This is What Democracy Looks Like: City Council Meeting

September 18th


ASU Art Museum

The Socially Engaged Practice Initiative, ASU Gammage, and the ASU Art Museum invite you to listen, discuss and even try out a participatory performance event called City Council Meeting. Artists Aaron Landsman and Mallory Catlett will be on hand to explain the process and thinking behind their work, the way the piece interacts with the Tempe community and the ways you can be a part of our February 16th performance at ASU Gammage. City Council Meeting is developed in collaboration with Gregory Sale, Phoenix visual artist and ASU faculty member, and performing artist Elizabeth Johnson, Coordinator of Socially Engaged Practice at ASU’s Herberger Institute. 

City Council Meeting is about empathy, democracy and power. Combining transcripts from government meetings in several places, as well as original writing and a surprise ending, City Council Meeting reveals the city we make each night by performing it. This work is created anew in each community where it is presented, with the help of local actors, activists, politicians, and other citizens.

Over the last year Landsman and Catlett have done informal research and interviews with a diverse range of Tempe residents, from elected officials to homeless young adults, from the Chamber of Commerce to college students. Now we would like to show you what we’re up to, and find out who might want to be a part of the performances. The presentation in Tempe will mark the second stop in City Council Meeting’s four-city premiere, beginning with Houston, TX, and including New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA.

City Council 


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